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6 Common Factors That Determine Car Shipping Cost

It is a human nature to know the cost first before purchasing or hiring any services. Especially if the cost of a service you’re looking for is not fixed, it becomes even more demanding of a task. If you’re relocating and have your eyes on an auto shipping company for moving your car, it is always a good idea to take a minute off and compare car shipping quotes from different companies.

Car transporting has varying costs depending upon several factors. When make the call, the staff will ask you few necessary questions to give you a car shipping quote. Some companies, like Prixcar Transport, offers free car shipping quote online. However, it is always advisable to overlook cheap prices offered by car transportation companies and choose a reliable company instead. Listed below are 6 common factors that affect the overall price for hiring the shipping service.

  1. Location and distance

The first factor that gets considered when quoting a price is the distance of transportation. The more the distance, the higher the price. Options might include port-to-port or better yet, door-to-door pick and drop facilities.

  1. Type of Vehicle

Size and weight greatly affect car shipping quote. Larger cars like SUVs will naturally cost more to transport than smaller cars like Sedan, since it can accommodate more cars on a single truck.

  1. Condition of the car/ modifications.

Car these days are usually modified as per the owner’s taste. This affects the transportation cost. A non-working car will cost more than a working one since more effort in loading and unloading will be needed when the car doesn’t run with its own power. Moreover, newer and premium cars costs more to insure during transport.

  1. Type of transport (open/closed)

Would you prefer an enclosed trailer offering more protection over an open one? It is definitely going to cost you more. Depending on the weather, a large number of people chooses an open auto transport since it uses standard shipping method and costs less comparatively.

  1. Current fuel price

It’s because of fluctuating fuel prices that a car transporting quote offered is perhaps more than the previous day’s quote.

  1. Time frame

Are you hoping to see your car soon after you’ve moved out? Or is it okay to wait around for a bit? A lot of companies offer express delivery options for an additional charge.

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