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Cost for Shipping Car VS. Driving It Yourself

Moving out of a city and relocating elsewhere is a tedious job. It involves assembling thousands of things, packing them in cardboard boxes and then hiring movers for moving all of those personal property reach its new destination. But as soon as you lock those main doors and turn around, you see your car turbulently standing in the garage. Oops! Did you just miss something? Of course you did! You missed considering how you’re going to move your car out. Driving long distance can be dangerous and impractical. But if you’re still going with the idea, then to say the least, it is very, very tiring. The mover company you paid for the relocation package, doesn’t include vehicles; and you can’t (thankfully) get a plane ticket and a boarding pass for this family member. Remove the creases from the forehead. This is where Car Transporting Companies, like, Prixcar, enters the scene.

While a lot of people on tight budget still prefer to drive their cars all the way to their location, a change in trend and lowering costs of services by vehicle shipping companies is taking over the market. Now that we have both sides addressed, here are top reasons why shipping the car will probably cost you less than a long drive that you don’t really need, unless you’re driving through hill or beautiful landscapes of course.

1. Food and Lodge

If the distance is long, you will obviously need to make various stops for meals, hotels and basic utilities. Hence starts the expenditure of driving the car yourself. Also keep in mind of the wear and tear of your valuable car, which clearly makes renting a car shipping company more cost effective.

2. Fuel and Tolls

Keep that bulk of cash ready for excessive fuel and highway tolls if you’re going to DIY. (Drive it yourself, silly)

3. Time is money

Although intangible, this factor still plays a major role in a hectic and busy life that we lead. Why waste money when you can hire for the service provided at very competitive prices? By entrusting this service to a reliable shipping company, you will not only save your valuable time but you could also use that extra time elsewhere.

4. Safety comes first

Risk of flat tyres, accidents and damages; especially if you aren’t experienced in driving long distances, is a factor often overlooked. This is why it’s worth every penny to let car shipping companies carry the load for you.


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