COVID-19 Notice


We are OPEN for business and we can transport your vehicle anywhere in AUSTRALIA!

All of us at Prixcar are working diligently and together to remain available and open for business, in these uncertain times – access to your vehicle is essential and a worry you can do without. If you need assistance, we can help.

If you have any questions, please call on 1300 660 616 or email us Our staff are fully capable to assist you and help you with your transport needs.

With regards to the government restrictions on border controls; these do not restrict the essential transport and logistics services; our trucks are running, and we can deliver. Our facilities also remain open, operating under strict conditions and hygiene controls to ensure the safety of all onsite.

We will continue to support the community for as long we can do so safely and within the Government regulations.

Thank you and take care.

From the PrixCar Team.