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Date : 21/05/19

From : Sydney

To : Perth


We Provide Professional Car Transport from Sydney to Perth

Hauling cars across the country is no mean feat; it’s a task that requires a high level of organisation and cooperation. Close to 4,000km, the trip between Sydney and Perth is one of the longest in the country. For those looking to transfer vehicles between these two cities, it is certainly worth employing a professional logistics company that has made the journey countless times before.

At PrixCar, we are the experts when it comes to automotive logistics services. Backed by years of experience, we have the equipment, manpower and industry connections to ensure your consignment of vehicles is transported safely between these two major cities.

We offer a full suite of vehicle transport and storage services

Serving vehicle manufacturers, dealers, importers, distributors and also government and private organisations, we can provide an effective logistics service that is tailored to meet your exacting needs. Alongside transport, we also offer storage services; if you don’t have a place to store your consignment the minute it comes off the truck, we can take care of them for you until you are ready to receive them.

In addition, we also offer a full suite of automotive services – such as pre-delivery inspections and detailing, customs services (for those importing cars), vehicle processing, accessory fitment, fleet build up and design, showroom and event detailing, and even paint and panel rectification.

Our ability to offer an end-to-end service is one of the main reasons why are popular with large-scale companies such as the Australian divisions of Honda, BMW and Toyota. Why deal with multiple companies when you only have to deal with one?

Contact us today to discuss car transportation from Sydney to Perth

As a company that prides itself on delivering a high quality, client-centric service, PrixCar is the leading choice for businesses needing to transport cars across the country from New South Wales to Western Australia. Offering a nationwide service, we also run other major routes to Brisbane and Melbourne as well.

We are constantly striving to deliver a better service to clients; as such, we are always evolving to meet your specific needs. If you require car transport from Sydney across the country to Perth, get in touch with our friendly team today on 1300 660 616.

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