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Date : 21/05/19

From : Melbourne

To : Brisbane


The Preferred Company for Car Transport between Melbourne and Brisbane

As one of Australia’s top automotive logistics companies, PrixCar is your leading choice when it comes to car transport from Melbourne to Brisbane. With years of experience to our name, we can provide reliable transport services for a broad range of clients – including automotive manufacturers, dealers, distributors, importers, government agencies and private organisations.

We have both processing and distribution facilities in Melbourne (Webb Dock West and Altona North), as well as facilities close to the heart of Brisbane. Whether you need a car relocated interstate, a consignment shifted from the manufacturer to the retail showroom, or a fleet moved from depot to depot, we are equipped with the infrastructure and manpower to deliver the service you require.

If you need a car moved from A to B, PrixCar is your first port of call.

Safe, secure and reliable vehicle transport

Spanning more than 1,500km, the journey between Melbourne and Brisbane is one our drivers are more than familiar with. We transport thousands of motor vehicles across Australia each year, with many of these vehicles taking the trip up the Newell Highway.

Our drivers have years of experience running Australia’s major routes, so you can rest assured your consignment will reach its destination safely and on time. Driven to provide our clients with a superior service, we are always looking to go one better; as such, our logistics service is constantly evolving to ensure we keep up with the ever-changing needs of our valued clients.

Do you need cars transported interstate?

Covering virtually all of the major interstate routes, we can do more than simply move cars from Melbourne up to Brisbane. With a broad network of trucks at our disposal, we can also offer transport from Melbourne to Sydney, Perth and between most other major cities.

At PrixCar, our mission is simple: we want to achieve and maintain the status of being Australia’s leading vehicle transport, storage and processing company. Backed by AS/NZS 14001:2004 accreditation, you can rely on us to deliver a superior service.

For more information or to obtain a quote, contact our friendly team today on 1300 660 616.

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