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Freight Transport: The Risks of Leaving Your Belongings in your Car

Many interstate vehicle transport providers have begun offering a freight service that includes the transportation of items packed in the vehicle being transported. This may seem like a cost-efficient way to move your belongings with your car from A to B but the risks involved far outweigh any financial gain.

The Appeal

Sure, it sounds great to be able to save on shipping by loading up your car with your belongings and sending it off on the interstate journey with your freight provider. The time and money it could potentially save seems to make this option a viable one but there are a number of risks to consider.

The Risks

Damage to Goods

The first risk of transporting goods in the car in freight transit is the damage it can cause to the goods. The freight service provider is not responsible for any damage that occurs to the goods within the car during transit.

Damage to Vehicle

Loose goods within the car can shift during transport. This puts the car’s interior at risk of damage as items bounce around inside on the road. Possible damage includes but is not limited to:

  • Smashed windscreen/windows
  • Broken gear shift
  • Dinted dashboard
  • Scratched leather


Freight transport companies are not held liable for the theft of any personal items left in the car. It is the responsibility of the transport company to take care of the vehicle and deliver it safely to point B but the theft of items within the vehicle does not fall within this category.

Driver Safety

Not only does the inclusion of loose items within a car transported by a freight service have risks for the client, it also poses risks for the driver. Drivers of the oversized freight trucks pay close attention to securing their load; however, if there are goods in the car that they can’t reach or have no access to, they have no control over the potential for items to break free, smashing through the windows and causing havoc for them and other drivers while on the road.

Occupational Health & Safety

From an Occupational Health & Safety perspective it is not viable to include “goods in the car” as a value-add service to clients. Anything that may put drivers at risk is contrary to the OH&S policy and the lack of control over the fastening of goods poses a threat to staff.

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