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How to Choose the Right Auto Transportation for Your Fleet

With many freight service providers available, it can be difficult to make a choice when it comes to shipping your fleet interstate. We’ve put together a checklist of things you should always be looking for when searching for a provider.

Check the Company’s Credentials and Testimonials

You want your shipping company to have a good track record on the road. Check to see if they offer client testimonials or reviews online to get a gauge on the experience other people had with the service. A good track record and a healthy reputation in the industry is a good indication that the freight service is worth looking into.

Vehicle Condition Surveys

You want your car to arrive at the other end in the same condition it left its origin. Vehicle Condition Surveys at pickup & delivery points will ensure your car is carefully examined by the freight company to ensure that the condition of the car is noted before departure. It also acts as a record for insurance if there’s a discrepancy when the cars arrive at the other side.

Direct Transportation

A direct route is the safest as it reduces the time in which accidents can occur. Companies who offer delivery using ‘terminals’ will generally take longer to process the carriage of your vehicles and there is more room for error.

Tracking System

Ideally, you will want your service to include a tracking system so you can keep an eye on where your fleet is and where it’s headed. This will often include a tracking number and an online platform where you can search the stage at which your vehicle is in the delivery process. This also displays confidence that the company believe they are more than capable of fulfilling the request in the quoted timeframe.

Option for Enclosed Car Transportation

Open air auto fright has the potential to cause damage as the vehicles are exposed to the elements; dirt, rain, storms, debris, etc. You want the option to have your fleet shipped in an enclosed truck so as not to risk this type of external damage.


Finally, when dealing with a freight company, costs should always include warranty. Additional charges for insurance suggest the company is not as careful with your vehicles as they should be. If your car is not covered, they don’t automatically have to adhere to the safety guidelines when dealing with your car. Warranty will prove that the company values your property and sets it as a standard to provide services that abide by strict guidelines.

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