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The Importance Of Shipping Your Vehicle From Perth

Western Australia, while stunning, might as well be its own country! The distance between Perth and the rest of Australia is vast, which makes moving interstate from the west an arduous task. Let yourself off the hook when transporting your personal and business vehicles from Perth with Prixcar. With safe and efficient transport, Prixcar can help you make your journey to a new home stress and hassle free. Vehicle shipping also comes with a number of additional benefits:

Saves You Money

Prixcar are notorious for affordability, ensuring that our costs reflect a fair and efficient route for your shipping. At Prixcar, our professional vehicle transport specialists ensure they take the most direct route, saving you the heightened cost of delivery via other means. Shipping your car will not only enable the fastest route but will save you the cost of petrol had you made the journey yourself.

Saves You Time

While shipping bulky items, such as your car, with other transport providers can be a long process, requiring patience and understanding; with Prixcar, it’s our specialty. We know the fastest routes and can get your vehicle/s where they need to be sooner rather than later. Our intermodal transport model enables the most efficient route planning resulting in timely delivery of your valued vehicle.

Saves Your Car

Costly damages may be a risk with other transport services but not with Prixcar. We take the utmost care of all of the vehicles in our possession and treat them as if they were our own. This means that your vehicle/s are sure to arrive safe and sound at their final destination. The other car-saving benefit of having your vehicle shipped from Perth is that we limit the depreciation of your car’s value due to the long-haul trip.

Contact Prixcar Today

If you are moving state from WA or need a fleet of cars transported for business purposes, you can rely on Prixcar for fast, efficient and safe shipping of your vehicle/s. We pride ourselves on the timeliness of our service and our perfect safety stats. As an affordable option, we certainly do not skimp on service and ensure that you are in the know at every step of the process.

If you have any questions or queries, or would simply like to discuss the option of transporting your vehicle from Perth, do not hesitate to make a phone call to 1300 660 616 and one of our representatives will talk you through the options.

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