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Purchasing a Car from Interstate

Whether a luxury modern vehicle or a ritzy, old school relic, purchasing a car from interstate can be complex and risky. Here are some tips to minimise that risk and ensure your car arrives to you in tip top condition.

What to look out for pre-purchase

Whenever you are looking at purchasing a car from an interstate vendor, it’s important to ensure you know as much detail about the car before you make the transaction. This should and almost definitely will include a trip to see the vehicle in person. You will need to know the specifics of the current registration and ask what the seller’s plans are for keeping the registration after the sale.

The seller has the right to cancel their registration before it is sold, after it is sold — or basically whenever they choose, so long as the car is not on the road — so you cannot rely on the seller to allow you to drive the new car immediately after purchase. This can pose a problem if you are planning on driving the car home from interstate. Be clear about your expectations and know exactly what you are in for once the vehicle is in your possession so that you are not caught off guard by any issues that could arise.

If you do decide to drive your new vehicle home, you will need to be certain that you have insurance for the vehicle and cover for yourself as the driver of the car before you get behind the wheel. Insurance becomes quite complicated when dealing with interstate registration so for this, and other reasons including safety and preservation, it is a much better option to have your new car shipped.

Getting the car across the border

It’s unlikely that the vendor will pay the registration for you to drive the car home from interstate. In any case, you will lose value on the vehicle due to mileage, wear and tear and unexpected on-road damage if you take it upon yourself (and your new car) to make the journey. The best way to ensure your car’s safety from point A to B is to employ a professional freight service to move the car interstate for you. Prixcar offer an affordable solution for the long-haul transportation of your vehicle, saving you the time and hassle and ensuring the safety and ease of the exchange. Click here for a free quote.

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