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So, the time has come to move interstate. A mix of excitement and apprehension brews as you prepare yourself for this new chapter of your life. However, once the reality of it all has set in, you realise there are a lot of logistics to think about. How are you going to transport all your belongings to your new home? What will you do about your current residence? And, importantly, is it worth shipping your car over, or should you just sell it?

To help you out, we’ve prepared a list of items to consider to help you arrive at the most practical and economical solution.

First of all, will you need your own car in your new city? Map out your transportation needs and find out what kind of public transport options are available. Will you easily be able to travel from your new home to your workplace without a car? Will it be cheaper to take public transport than pay for parking? Make sure you take these elements into consideration to help mould your decision.

Does your new home accommodate parking? Perhaps you’re moving to a house with a driveway and ample parking space. Maybe you’ve secured a new home in the inner-city suburbs where your only option is street parking – are you willing to risk leaving your car out overnight? Alternatively, you might be moving into a CBD apartment where parking is either limited, costly or non-existent. Make sure you consider how your car will fit into your new lifestyle.

Can you get a good rate if you sell it? It’s wise to determine the return rate on selling your car before committing to the idea. Here, you need to take on board all factors: car make, model, year and kilometres done. Do your research and find out what the typical going rate is for your car, then evaluate that alongside the likely cost of moving it.

Do you have the time to organise a sale? While selling your car may seem like the better option, you also need to consider the actual logistics required in the selling process. You’ll be required to invest a significant amount of time into organising the sale: from successfully advertising it to finding the right buyer, agreeing on a price, and sorting out car insurance – the list goes on! If your move has been sprung on you at short notice, you may be better off saving yourself the inconvenience and hassle.

Overall, when it comes to selling or shipping your car, make sure you take all elements into consideration so you can make a fully-informed final decision.

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