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Finding a car transport company can be a tedious task. There exists a multitude of options out there, which naturally makes it hard to narrow your list down. One of the biggest mistakes you can make is selecting a company that boasts the cheapest auto shipping rate available. Why? Well, these companies are the ones that tend to give the whole car transport industry a bad rap – they are notorious for quoting vehicles too low and then finding it difficult to carry out their promise. As a result, you’ll often find yourself on the receiving end of a phone call requesting you to fork out more money due to ‘increases in fuel prices’, or any other excuses for unexpected expenses cropping up and slowing down the delivery process.

Hence, it’s important to engage yourself in a thorough research before settling on a company to transport your vehicle across the country. With 25 years of experience safely buckled under its belt, PrixCar offers three key pillars that should stand at the core of any transportation network:

  • Extensive outbound routes: PrixCar has mapped out a series of reliable outbound routes all throughout the country, enabling us to move vehicles from A to B with ease. This is particularly integral for car dealers and manufacturers looking to smoothly transport all vehicle makes & models interstate without disruption to business flow.<
  • Super competitive transit days: One of our utmost priorities is to deliver your car to you within the fastest possible timeframe. There are endless reasons why clients need their vehicle or car parts delivered to them in an efficient manner: whether it’s to resume daily activities; to enter racing competitions or car shows; or to keep business moving along with as little disruption as possible. PrixCar recognises this, and as such, has implemented the necessary measures to transport vehicles quickly and safely. 
  • Largest car transport network in Australia: We’ve secured the title of largest transport network in the country, and with this comes great responsibility. Our prominence in the industry means that we are continually seeking out the latest cutting-edge technology to further enhance our business and maintain our top position. We don’t cut corners; we operate with integrity and a searing passion for what we do.

Don’t risk being swindled by a dodgy company when transporting your car – be sure to apply a careful and measured approach towards choosing a transport network.

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