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Why It Is Necessary to Ship Your Car Interstate from Perth

Perth is one of the world’s most isolated major cities. The closest city with a population exceeding 100,000 is Adelaide, 2,130km away. If you are a vehicle dealership who needs to transport either a single vehicle or fleet in or out of Perth, it is important that you choose experienced professionals for such an undertaking. When you choose experts to perform the task of shipping a vehicle in and out of such an isolated part of Australia, you will still have the peace of mind that your vehicle will arrive at its destination on time, and within the budget set for its transportation.

Prixcar provides vehicle transportation from Perth throughout the country. We’ll take a fleet from your dealership from Cairns to the City on the Swan, in a timely and cost-effective manner. Read on to find out more about why having your vehicle/s shipped interstate to or from Perth by professionals is a great idea.

It’s cost effective 

Attempting to have a vehicle or whole fleet of vehicles transported to Perth without employing professionals for the job will result in a costly delivery. There are numerous factors one has to consider when transporting a vehicle over a long distance, including working out the most cost-efficient route to take and when and where to buy fuel for the vehicle. If not done correctly, and with poor estimations, the shipment of the vehicles can end up costing a much larger sum than what would have if the dealer had utilised the services of professionals.

It’s time effective 

Professional vehicle transporters are known as professionals for a reason: they get the vehicle at its end destination on time. They figure out the necessary route and time requirements necessary to get the vehicle from A to Perth or Perth to B on time or even before the vehicle’s estimated arrival. If you get any Tom, Dick, and Harry to transport your vehicle you can almost be sure that it won’t arrive there when you need it to.

Vehicle safety 

Having professionals transport your vehicle is important for the safety of the vehicle, as they take extra careful safety precautions to ensure that the vehicle is kept clean, and that it arrives at its destination how it did when it left its departure spot. Services such as those offered by Prixcar include a premium enclosed container service, more than ensuring the safety of the vehicle.

Get in touch with the experts 

If these reasons sound logical enough to want to have your vehicle or fleet professionally shipped from Perth, why not get in contact with Prixcar to receive a free quote. Call us on 1300 668 105 for all dealer transport enquiries, or fill out an enquiry form if you have any enquiries about quotes or our service in general.

Our clients love us 

“Had my Lancer VR transported from Melbourne to Broome with Prixcar. The car actually arrived in Broome ahead of schedule. When contacting the office to see where my car was during that time the ladies in the office were really helpful and polite. When the car arrived it was in the same condition when it left Melbourne, no damage at all. Would recommend, have had no trouble at all, am really happy. Thank you” – Teresa A, Broome, WA.

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