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About Prixcar Services


PrixCar Services Pty Ltd, an Australian company with AS/NZS 14001:2004 accreditation, is committed to providing quality services to meet our clients’ specific needs. These services include processing, storage, rectification, vehicle commissioning & decommissioning and project management for Australia’s automotive manufacturers, importers, distributors and various government and private organisations.

Our shareholders allow us access to a global network of companies that specialise in logistic systems, which are not normally affordable or available to the Australian market.

Moving forward with you


Our shareholders enhance the business operation with well established, strategically aligned partnerships. Selection of PrixCar Services as a logistics partner depends on our ability to provide clients a quality service that exceeds expectations and meets their ever changing specific needs.

PrixCar can provide a ‘One Stop” seamless service from wharf to retailer customer.

Download the AS/NZS ISO 14001:2004 Business Assurance Management Certificate

The Prixcar Value


PrixCar Vision

To achieve and maintain the status of being the leading Vehicle Storage & Processing Company in Australia.

PrixCar Mission

To continually expand and modify our business to meet the ever- changing needs of our clients.
To provide modern facilities and complete vehicle processing services from factory gate or wharf to dealership, for all new, imported & locally made vehicles.

To set company bench-marks above the industry standard, and provide all staff with the necessary training, support & empowerment to attain their personal goals in pursuit of Company objectives.
To maximise the long-term financial performance of the Company, to best serve our shareholders, clients and employees


PrixCar Company Values

PrixCar’s Guiding Principles in relation to its people & business ethics are:

  • To encourage and recognise the contribution of its staff.
  • To encourage innovation and creativity.
  • To provide a challenging and rewarding work environment.
  • To provide a work environment that has a strong focus on safety.
  • To promote open communication between all staff and management.
  • To encourage individual responsibility and accountability.
  • To operate as a team, treating each other with respect and trust.
  • To conduct its business with honesty and integrity.
  • To contribute positively and responsibly to society.
  • To protect our environment for future generations.
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