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Vehicle Transportation Advice Articles

How to Transport Vintage and Exotic Cars Interstate

When purchasing a vintage or exotic car in Australia, you may find yourself desiring a vehicle that is a fair distance away from where you reside, sometimes in a different city or sometimes in an entirely different state. While this can be a deterrent...

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A Guide to Shipping Vehicles Interstate with Personal Items

Can You Ship Personal Items in a Car? When people are looking for a way to transport a vehicle long-distance - whether that be between cities or states - it is often because they are moving house. In this case, it is commonplace for people to request...

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How Much Does it Cost to Transport a Car Interstate in Australia?

When vehicle owners are looking into getting a car shipped to another state within Australia, there are often a number of factors they need to take into account before making a decision on how to do it, and who to trust with the process. There are many...

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Should You Move Your Car with Open or Enclosed Transport?

When you’re looking for a car carrier to transport your vehicle, there are typically two main options available to you - open transport and enclosed transport. Whenever someone is moving an automobile long-distance, safety and protection of the vehicle...

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Benefits of Using a Car Transport Company


  If you need to transport vehicles of any kind from one location to another, using car transport services is one way you can do so safely. While getting just one vehicle from one place to another might be fairly simple, it becomes a lot more complicated...

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Prixcar Walkinshaw Partnership


2021 Supercar Championship Prixcar is pleased to be continuing its partnership with the Walkinshaw Andretti United race team in 2021.  Look out for the Prixcar branding on both cars – 25 driven by Chaz Mostert and car 2 driven by Bryce Fullwood.  ...

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How to Prepare Your Vehicle for Transport

A very small percentage of vehicles transported sustain any measurable damage and whilst we do our utmost to protect yours, it is worth preparing your car well to minimise the risk associated with transporting your vehicle. Inspect Your Car Thoroughly...

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Preparing Your Motorcycle for Transport

We do our utmost to protect your vehicle, but it is worth preparing your motorcycle well to minimise the risk associated with transporting your vehicle. Follow these steps when preparing your motorcycle for transportation. What You’ll Need to Do Ensure...

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The 3 Biggest Mistakes When Choosing a Car Transport Company

Choosing the right car transport company can be tricky. But it needn’t be. Apart from online reviews and checking their information on their website, it is good to know what many have claimed to be their 3 biggest mistakes when choosing a car transport...

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Why Using a Car Transportation Company is a Good Idea

You may be wondering why transporting your car is a good idea when you bought your car for one purpose in the first place; to drive it! Why would you spend money to move your car when it is perfectly capable of being driven to nearly any destination...

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How do you Transport a Luxury Car?

Your car is your prized possession and you would like it to be handled with care and safely transported. When transporting an expensive prestigious or collectable car, you should compare car transport companies to find one that meets your special requirements.   Alongside...

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7 Helpful Tips for Vehicle Transportation in Australia


Whether it’s a car, motorcycle, boat, campervan or other vehicle, here are some helpful tips for transporting vehicles in Australia. Obtain your Quick Quote as a first step guide when considering moving your vehicle with PrixCar Transport. It’s an...

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How to Transport a Car Across the Country

So, you need to relocate interstate? Work? A new adventure? A great adventure hopefully. For many though, moving home means moving cars as well. Whether you’re moving from a small country town or one of the capital cities, chances are you’ll be thinking...

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How to Transport a Car Interstate


When you transport cars from one state to another, it’s a good idea to consider the experience and reliability of vehicle transportation company before selecting your preferred provider. There are many reasons why a car transport company can often times...

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