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We offer a great range of services for our customers

With the strong background of our shareholder companies we offer a complete range of services to our valued clients. Whether the product needs to cross the world or just make it to the next suburb, we can deliver.

The unique combination of services we offer our clients include:

  • Full range of
    customs services

    We ensure that all imported vehicles adhere to the strict custom guidelines within Australia, providing a smooth transition throughout the whole process.

  • Marine and
    Insurance surveys

    Marine surveys are conducted on each vehicle after arriving into the wharf; any damage that occurs during transport is surveyed and recorded.

  • Transport to customer
    designated point

    Direct transportation of vehicles arriving from the wharf can be arranged to be delivered straight to specific destinations as we are flexible on our vehicle logistics chains.

  • Vehicle

    If vehicle storage is an issue then we can store your vehicles at one of our many storage facilities. Vehicles are stored under hardcovers, mesh or in the open to meet your requirements.

  • Vehicle

    Imported or newly built vehicles travel through our processing centres where Australian vehicle compliance and build requirements are processed for each vehicle.

  • Pre-delivery

    Upon a vehicles departure from PrixCar, a pre-delivery inspection can be conducted on a vehicle to ensure that it is departed in immaculate condition.

  • Pre-delivery

    We also provide detailing upon final inspections to ensure your vehicles are received in pristine condition.

  • Accessory

    Our vehicle processing centres are fully capable and competent in fitting any accessories that were either missed during manufacturing or are additional attachments that need to be fitted.

  • Paint and panel
    rectification facilities

    Any damaged vehicle arriving into PrixCar can be rectified back to immaculate condition by utilising our modernised paint and panel rectification facilities in any state.

  • Showroom and
    event detailing

    For those vehicles that need to leave in showroom quality condition, our facilities can provide a flawless and spotless detail to have your vehicles ready for any event.

  • Event organisation and
    vehicle preparation

    Any event requirements can be catered to with any unique vehicle preparations such as accessory fitments, additional detailing or logistics planning.

  • Fleet build up
    and design

    We design our fleets and plan our routes to ensure that your vehicles travel on the most efficient routes and arrive at their destination in a timely manner.

  • Car Transport and
    Car Relocation

    With our flexible arrangements, we can transport vehicles to any designated location within Australia. Customers can arrange to collect their vehicle at our depot, the dealership or it can be delivered directly to their door.

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