7 Helpful Tips for Vehicle Transportation in Australia


Whether it’s a car, motorcycle, boat, campervan or another vehicle, moving your vehicle interstate can be a big process and if it’s your first time doing so, you might have a few questions about getting started, the process and ensuring everything runs smoothly. Luckily, there are some steps you can take as soon as you start out looking for a company to carry your vehicle. Here are our 7 top tips for transporting vehicles in Australia.


1. Take Advantage of Free, Instant Online Quotes

When looking for a car transport company, it’s always a good idea to get a range of quotes from different service providers so that you can get the best deal possible. Most companies offer free instant quotes on their website, where you simply enter the type of vehicle you are looking to move, it’s size/model and where you need it to go. From this, you should receive a fairly accurate price point that you can use to compare with other companies.

You can obtain your free car transport quote as a first step guide when considering moving your vehicle with PrixCar Transport. It’s an easy, obligation free, way of getting started.


2. Compare the Cost of Driving the Vehicle Yourself vs. Going with a Car Carrying Company

Do the maths on driving compared to transporting your vehicle with a specialist car carrying company. You’ll be surprised how cost effective moving with a service like PrixCar can be. The time you save, plus the often cheap airfares is money in your pocket. For business and leisure trips, consider the benefits of having your own vehicle rather than a rental car at your destination. Some people just love their own 4WD, prestige bikes or sports cars so much they want to have them with them!


3. Ensure the Company You Are Going With Can Cater to Your Needs

Ask lots of questions before choosing a car carrier and ensure you inform them of any time requirements, or special services such as needs around shipping a car with personal items. Keeping the car transport company in the loop about what you require can make sure you meet deadlines and avoid any delays or disappointments.

PrixCar Transport welcomes your questions and we welcome the opportunity of showing you what makes the best car transport company in Australia. 


4. Prepare Your Vehicle for Transport

Give your vehicle a good clean before the trip. Not only will you find those lost CD’s, sunglasses and the sunscreen lotion, you’ll help us a lot by removing all loose items and any plant or animal matter. Important areas to check are the wiper wells and undercarriage of your vehicle as unfortunately, little insects and seeds are a quarantine issue and must be removed.  It takes time and extra cost if we need to do the cleaning.

To find out more about getting ready to ship your vehicle with a car transport company, check out our guide for preparing your vehicle for transport here.

Please ensure you have the fuel tank at least ¼ full at the time of transportation to ensure we don’t run into any issues embarking/disembarking on the journey.


Preparing Motorcycles for Vehicle Carrying


  • If you’re transporting a motorcycle, you may find the following additional tips especially useful.
  • Remove all personal, loose items and any dangerous goods from the bike.
  • Empty any compartments.
  • Wide mirrors should be folded back, lowered or removed.
  • If the bike has side saddles or panniers that can’t be removed, ensure they are clean, empty and ready for inspection.
  • Ensure the bike is clean and free of any plant or animal matter. Quarantine laws require inspection of all compartments so make sure there’s a key to any lockable areas. Delays are costly and your support is important.


5. Get Your Car Delivered to Your Specified Location to Save Time

Two things to consider will be budget and convenience. Check with our Customer Service team for Door to Door and Depot to Depot pricing (or a mix of the two) so we can tailor your move to meet your needs. If choosing a depot drop off or pickup, remember the option of public transport to get you home or to the airport. Grab your earphones, or newspaper and enjoy the ride.


6. Consider Premium Enclosed Transportation if You’re Moving a Classic or Luxury Vehicle

If you’re attempting to relocate a premium vehicle like a classic car, the best option for you could be to utilise an enclosed vehicle carrying service. Enclosed carriers offer extra protection for cars from the elements that eliminates the risk of its cargo getting damaged or even dirty due to debris from road travel. While open car carriers are a perfectly suitable and safe option for all everyday vehicles, those moving luxury cars may wish to utilise this option for complete peace of mind.


7. Book Ahead of Time 

Unfortunately, delays can happen when moving a vehicle across long distances. For this reason, it’s crucial to book ahead of time and make your carrier aware of any deadlines you may have for your car’s arrival - in most cases, a good car carrier company will do their best to meet your requirements. Being prepared and booking your transportation in advance can help you to avoid any possible disappointments with your car shipping company.