Can You Ship a Car with Personal Items Inside it?

When preparing a car to be transported, usually you should remove all your personal items from the vehicle. You might even be helpfully reminded to check the glove compartment, door pockets, and boot for anything you might have missed. However, it doesn't have to be this way. While you should definitely clear your glove compartment and door pockets before transport, it is also possible to ship your car with personal items inside it.

At an added cost, you may be able to utilise a goods in car service from a car transport company, if they provide it. This can allow you to transport a vehicle containing your personal belongings. Being able to place specific bags and boxes into the car can be the difference between convenience and hassle. If you want to ship a car with personal items inside, here's everything you need to know.


Can You Put Stuff In Your Car When You Ship It?

If the destination state permits it** and you are going with a goods in car service, you can put stuff in your car when you ship it when moving a vehicle in Australia. Your belongings must be packed securely, and must not include any restricted items.  

By following your car transport company’s goods in car guidelines, this can be a safe and reliable way of transporting your items along with your vehicle. 

** Cannot ship to WA due to border restrictions and Quarantine


How to Ship a Car with Personal Items

If you want to ship a car with goods inside, all you need is your carrier's policy on in-car cargo.  PrixCar makes it easy to ship your car with personal items, provided they are packed into suitcases in the boot. This allows you the most flexibility for what you may need to pack and ensures the car is just as secure as one without cargo.


Know the Guidelines

  • Book your transport with 'Goods in Car', be sure it is noted on your confirmation.
  • Keep within weight restrictions of 80kg.
  • Clear all loose or unsecured items.
  • Contain all items within a closed suitcase, moving box, or travel bag.
  • Keep all items in a locked boot or in the lockable tray of a ute .
    • Vehicles without a boot may stack up to the window level.


Book Your Personal Item Transport

When arranging to transport your car, let your carrier know that there will be personal items in the trunk. Then ask them what their policy is on the best way to send personal items when shipping your car to make sure your plans match with policies.

PrixCar, can ship up to 80kg of cargo in addition to your car's original weight, and you can choose between suitcases or removalist boxes in your boot.


Clear the Passenger Area of Loose Items

The first step is to prepare your car for transport the usual way, by removing all personal items. You don't want old keys or lighters rattling around in your glove compartment, console, or door pockets while the car is being transported. Any loose items have a chance of being lost without an inventory or causing a problem of their own. It's best to sweep and clear all compartments, footwells, below the seats, consoles, and pockets of personal items.

If you want your glove compartment supplies available at your destination, pack it into the boot.


Pack Personal Items Into Suitcases and Removalist Boxes

Everything you would like transported in the car should be packed snugly into a suitcase, secured in a removalist box, or stowed in a travel bag. These are the only three things that should be found if the car were opened and re-inventoried. Consider this like checking these bags at the airport in how well everything is secured. Don't risk any of your personal items being damaged or lost in transport.


Arrange Cargo Snugly in the Car's Locked Boot

The next step is to arrange your suitcases or boxes into the boot. Make sure everything is packed reasonably snugly, as you might if packing for a road trip. Interstate car transport has the usual bumps and turns. This might shake up loose items or damage delicately packed things. Secure your cargo inside the boot, then close and lock the boot itself. 


Shipping Your Car with Personal Items, The Easy Way

If you need to transport a car with personal items stored inside, we understand. This is a common request because it offers a practical solution to many moving situations. PrixCar can easily accommodate your car's cargo as long as it is well-secured in the boot. Just select ‘goods in car’ as you move through the booking process. We'll make sure your car and cargo get safely to your new destination. Contact us today to learn more about shipping personal items inside your car.