How do you Transport a Luxury Car?

Your car is your prized possession and you would like it to be handled with care and safely transported. When transporting an expensive prestigious or collectable car, you should compare car transport companies to find one that meets your special requirements.


Alongside meeting your needs for transport, you should also choose a car transport company that is reputable and dependable to ship your car. One with the experience, equipment and knowledge of specialist luxury car transport. In Australia, while there are many car carriers to choose from, only some of them will transport prestige or unique cars like antique and collector vehicles.


Confidence Through Experience

You’ll want to make sure you find a company that’s experienced in moving prestige vehicles. Get quotes from a number of companies and compare prices and especially the service that each business offers. You want to be confident of selecting a business that you can depend on to ship your prestige vehicle safely and securely to its place of destination.


The Best Way to Transport a Luxury Car

Typically, when transporting a luxury vehicle, safety is the primary concern for owners. If you want complete peace of mind, then our enclosed car transport is the way to go. With enclosed car carrying, your vehicle is completely protected from the elements. This will keep it from being exposed to road debris, rain, stone chips, dust, hail, snow, or any environmental factors. It will also keep it safe, secure and even protect your privacy along the way.


The peace of mind alone might be well worth the additional price you’d pay to get your prized prestige car transported safely in an enclosed carrier. There are many who would say it’s essential when transporting your prized possession.


How Much Does it Cost to Transport a Luxury car?

Enclosed car transport will usually cost at least double or three times as much as an open car carrying service. For reference, the average cost of typical car carrying is 43 cents per kilometre, so enclosed car transportation may cost between 86 cents to $1.29 per kilometre.


Preparing a Prestige Car for Transport

Before you leave your vehicle in the hands of your car carrying company, we recommend taking care to do the following steps to ensure the transportation goes smoothly:


  • Go over your car and make note of any kind of damage ahead of time on your vehicle. You should also note the condition of the vehicle interior, too. At PrixCar Transport, we will also complete a Vehicle Condition Report both before and after transportation of your vehicle to ensure it arrives in the same condition as it was shipped. 


  • Remove any personal belongings from your car. Car transport companies will rarely take responsibility for the individual items left inside your car.


  • Insurance is essential to have on your car. Be sure you fully understand all of the details of any insurance cover before your car is shipped.


Selecting the right prestige car transport company is essential for getting your prestige vehicle shipped in a safe and timely manner. For your peace of mind, recommend calling one of our friendly Customer Relations Officers on 1300 660 616 and let PrixCar take care of it all.