How to Transport a Car Across the Country

So, you need to relocate interstate?


A new adventure?

A great adventure hopefully.

For many though, moving home means moving cars as well.

Whether you’re moving from a small country town or one of the capital cities, chances are you’ll be thinking about how to transport your car across the country.

What Options are Available for Transporting a Car Across the Country?

When we talk about moving a car “across the country”, we are really talking about transporting it long distances. Most likely interstate.

The type of transport that is likely to take a day or more if you were to drive yourself.

Sure, you could drive the journey yourself. It could be fun!

Chances are though, you’re reading this because you’re wondering if it’s really worth the hassle – especially with everything else that going on with your relocation overall.

If you’ve never driven 700km or more, you’ll be in for a surprise because 8+ hours in a car is not necessarily fun, especially if you are travelling with hyperactive children.

Brisbane to Perth as an extreme example, is almost 4,500km so you’ll want to factor in about 39 hours of actual driving – not including rest time.

Driving across the country does not make much sense when you could use this time to do a lot more.

Moving a Car Across the Country with an Interstate Removals Company

You’ll probably be dealing with an interstate removals company to move your home and they may be able to provide a complete package that includes moving cars as well.

Most removals companies have relationships with various vehicle transportation companies and have access to preferred pricing. This can be as low as 25% off the retail price that you might pay if you went direct.

It can seem great to have one company handle everything for you in a single transaction.

Here’s a tip though.

The discounted rate gives removals companies some margin to play with. But…know that they’re probably also adding a margin on top.

The removals companies not competing with the vehicle transportation companies. They’re competing with other removals companies.

When it comes service and support, know that your customer dealings will likely be with the vehicle transportation company and not the removals company.

Ask who they’re going to use for their vehicle transport and compare the pricing they give you with the vehicle transport quotes you can get direct from PrixCar.

You may find that you will actually get a better price (with often exceeding levels of customer service) by going direct.

Using a Vehicle Transportation Company to Move Your Car Across the Country

Naturally, we specialize in vehicle transport and, of course, we’re going to promote ourselves and suggest to you that choosing us over all the other options is the wisest choice.

According to IBIS World, Road Freight Transport and Logistics in Australia is big business and likely to get bigger.

There’s a reason for this and it’s because of the vast distances that need to be covered in transporting goods across the country.

Along with large distances is the cost of fuel, inconvenience and of course…time.

And we appreciate your time is valuable.

In fact, based on relocating from Perth to Brisbane as an example, consider what your time is worth compared to the quoted price from PrixCar Transport.

If you’re earning anything more than around $25 per hour (before tax), then using a specialist vehicle transportation company such as PrixCar to transport your vehicle will more likely be cheaper than driving it yourself.

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