How to Transport a Car to Western Australia

If you are considering relocating to Western Australia, you will need to know how to move your car with you. The process could be lengthy, requiring you to plan and cater for various costs along the way. If you're planning to transport a car to Western Australia, you should plan ahead, because interstate regulations and the means of transport can determine how easy it will be to get your vehicle to WA.

With our interstate car transport services to Western Australia, we can help you move your vehicle from one state to another with less hassle. In this article, we share useful tips about transporting cars to WA.  


Firstly, Decide What Method to Transport the Car

When shipping your car from one state to another, you have the option of driving yourself or hiring a professional in Western Australia car transport.

Drive Yourself

If you want to save on the car shipment costs, consider driving yourself to Western Australia. While this might seem to be the most affordable way to transport your car, you may encounter some difficulties along the way.

Interstate car shipment involves long journeys that range from hundreds to thousands of kilometres. If it's your first time driving a long distance, fatigue may catch up with you on the way.

Therefore, when using this method, keep in mind that you will be responsible for getting your car through customs and ensuring all documents are in order. Your vehicle may also break down, forcing you to cater for repair or towing costs. Moreover, driving yourself requires you to spend more time learning about routes and interstate regulations.

Using a Professional Car Transport Company

Looking for Western Australian professional car transport services is the easiest way to ship your vehicle for the following reasons:

Safety and Protection 

Professional car transport companies employ secure means to ship your vehicle from one state to another. They also have experts with experience in handling and transporting cars over long distances. 

When you hire an expert in car transport to Western Australia, you won't have to worry about any damages or liability during the shipment process. Professionals such as PrixCar have strict measures under the PrixCar Transport Vehicle Service Conditions and are protected by our Quality Assurance Program. 

Range of Services

A competent car shipping company handles every aspect of your move seamlessly. From arriving on time, to picking up your car and delivering it to your destination of choice. You can also decide if you want your car to be shipped using premium enclosed services, as well as door-to-door services delivery or from depot-to-depot

Customer Support and Service

To receive any information about your car while in transit, expert interstate car movers can attend to all your questions through their support channels. They also respond to emergency concerns at any time of the day. 

Knowledge and Expertise

It's crucial to move your car with caution. This is why car transportation companies only use professionals who are skilled in their field. They understand how to properly handle your vehicle and deliver it to its destination quickly and safely. 

Ask for a Quote

Professional auto movers provide free quotes that you can use to determine suitable services for your budget. You can learn about a company's shipment procedure, costs, and the time your vehicle will spend on the road. 


Car Licensing in Western Australia

It is important to ensure your vehicle is licensed before moving to Western Australia. Licensing involves:

  • Inspecting your car for roadworthiness
  • Filling and submitting an Application to Licence a Vehicle
  • Providing proof of identity
  • Giving proof of car ownership

Western Australia has strict rules that require all cars entering the area to go through quarantine. If your vehicle doesn't meet the Quarantine Inspection standards, you could be charged a minimum of a $125 cleaning fee. To prepare:

  • Clean your car thoroughly to remove any dirt or mud. 
  • Remove any personal belongings, especially flammable items.
  • Get rid of plants, seeds, and leaves in your vehicle. 


Transport Your Car to Western Australia in a Stress-Free Way

When it comes to shipping a car to WA, you can't afford for things to go wrong. That's why it pays to hire professionals who know how to handle vehicle transport jobs of all shapes and sizes. 

At PrixCar, handling personalised car shipping for customers is our passion. We also take great pride in making sure your vehicle arrives at a destination of your choice safe and sound. Contact us today for more information about our Western Australia car transport services.