Preparing Your Motorcycle for Transport

We do our utmost to protect your vehicle, but it is worth preparing your motorcycle well to minimise the risk associated with transporting your vehicle.

Follow these steps when preparing your motorcycle for transportation.

What You’ll Need to Do

Ensure that:

  • Remove all personal, loose items and any dangerous goods from the motorcycle. Empty all compartments.
  • Wide mirrors should be folded back, lowered or removed.
  • Ensure the motorcycle has side saddles or panniers. Ensure they are clean, empty and ready for inspection.
  • Ensure the motorcycle is clean and free of any plant, animal, mud or seed matter. Quarantine laws require inspection of all compartments. Please make sure you have provided a key to any lockable areas. Inspection and cleaning are costly and cause delays. Your support is important.
  • Keep your key with you.
  • Ensure that you have read and fully understand PrixCar’s Vehicle Service Conditions in particular Clause 8. Our Warranty and Clause 9. Limitations and Exclusions on our Liability to You.

PrixCar Transport will take the following steps to ensure your motorcycle is delivered as safe as possible:

  • Before transporting your motorcycle, our PrixCar representative will complete a Vehicle Transport Contract and Vehicle Condition Report with you. You will be required to sign these documents.
  • If you or a person representing you (i.e. your “agent”) can’t be there at collection or delivery, let us know and we’ll make alternative arrangements.

By following these steps when preparing your motorcycle for transport, you can be confident that it will be looked after and protected during transport and minimise any delays to delivery.