Should You Move Your Car with Open or Enclosed Transport

When you’re looking for a car carrier to transport your vehicle, there are typically two main options available to you - open transport and enclosed transport. Whenever someone is moving an automobile long-distance, safety and protection of the vehicle is always the primary concern, but does that mean you need to use an enclosed service to ensure peace of mind? In this blog, we’ll cover the main reasons for choosing open car carrying over enclosed carry, to give you a better idea of which option may be best suited for your needs.


What is Open Car Transport?

Open car transport is the most common way of moving a vehicle long-distance.  It is likely that this is the type of car moving that you have seen on the roads. It involves many different cars transported together on a large carrier that is open to the elements, and is often the most affordable option when looking for a way to transport a vehicle interstate. 


While open car transport is suitable for a lot of vehicle types, because these cars are exposed to weather conditions and other factors, it is not for everyone. In certain situations, people may choose to go with enclosed car carriers, so that their vehicle has total protection or privacy from external factors.


It’s important to remember that cars are usually exposed to the elements when driving them ordinarily, so if this is not something that would typically bother you, then moving your car in this manner is entirely suitable for your needs. PrixCar takes the utmost care and responsibility with vehicles to ensure that they are transported safely and correctly.


What is Enclosed Car Transport?

Enclosed car transportation is the service provided by PrixCar that involved moving a car using a purpose-built carrier that protects cars from outside elements. With enclosed carrying, your car is kept safe from road debris, rain, stone chips, dust, hail, snow, or any other factors that might impact a car’s surface. Enclosed car transport will also provide privacy, which is useful in situations where car manufacturers may want to move cars before releasing certain models. If the vehicle you are looking to move was manufactured before 1985 it must travel enclosed


Is Enclosed Car Transport Worth It?

Enclosed Transport is a premium service and it costs between 2 to 3 times more than that of standard open trailer transport. The premium price tag covers the specialised equipment cost and the reduced trailer capacity due to the enclosed trailer.  


Enclosed transport is a popular option for prestige vehicles, vintage cars or unreleased models. It is the safest way of moving a vehicle however it does come at an extra cost and it may not be required for every kind of car. It’s important to consider whether or not your vehicle requires the premier service of enclosed shipping before seeking this option. 


With PrixCar, enclosed car transport is not available across all of Australia or for all vehicles. It’s a suitable option for sedans and SUVs and it is a service limited to the main capital cities and on routes between the east coast capital cities.


Enclosed Car Carrying Vs Open Car Carrying


The Right Equipment for the Job


Complete Protection

Your vehicle is completely protected from every hazard on the road, from media shots, dirt and dust to rocks and weather & security. If you are moving a collector or classic automobile, you won’t find a safer method to transport your vehicle than our enclosed car carrying service. 


Liftgates for Safe Loading

Your vehicle remaining horizontal is essential for safe loading. That’s why PrixCar Transport trucks are equipped with hydraulic liftgates. It’s like an elevator for your car, so your vehicle remains completely horizontal throughout the loading and unloading process.


The bottom-line when it comes down to choosing whether or not you require enclosed car carrying for your vehicle transport is your budget and whether you require full protection for your vehicle - ie; whether or not your car is typically used in usual modes of transportation. While open car carrying with PrixCar provides you with a practical and reliable method of moving your vehicle interstate, premier enclosed car carrying delivers an extra layer of protection and peace of mind required in certain circumstances.