The Best Way to Move a Car from Melbourne to Sydney

Your car is a valuable asset, and having to move it across a long distance can be a stressful thing to consider. It could be you are moving from Melbourne to Sydney, or you're starting a new venture that sends cars between the two cities. Whatever the case, the process of interstate car transport can raise a lot of questions. 


As there are a variety of options available to you, it’s important to figure out which of them is the best option for you. Along with the obvious questions of who’s going to do it and how it will be done, there are also technical processes to consider when moving a car. 


Should You Do It Yourself or Contract a Mover?

Moving is both a hassle and a hustle. Add on the hundreds of kilometers to cover between Melbourne and Sydney, and it adds another thing to worry about into the equation. The question still lingers, even if it's just the car you want to get to another place. Should you drive it all the way yourself or get a car carrier to do it on your behalf?


Driving your car over some distance is the most straightforward option on the surface. While steering it yourself over short distances makes sense, the almost 900 km between Melbourne and Sydney presents a daunting task. The resulting fatigue can cost you a lot in terms of time, not to mention the cost involved. With current fuel prices at an all-time high, in most cases, you're better off hiring a car transporter to make the move for you. The wear and tear the vehicle experiences on this long journey, and the potential cost of repairs should something break down, are all things you need to weigh up when making your choice. 


How Much Does It Cost to Transport a Car from Melbourne to Sydney?

Transporting your vehicle from Melbourne to Sydney will cost you from $500 for a standard sedan. Not all cars are the same. They differ in size and shape, which determines how much you pay. Smaller cars cost less to transport compared to larger SUVs, vans, or vintage vehicles.


The type of service you choose when transporting your vehicle also adds some cost to the invoice you receive. Value-added services such as Guaranteed Delivery Dates or Enclosed Transport Service cost more. This is because they use specialist equipment, and you enjoy guaranteed priority during loading and delivery.


Note that delivery dynamics do come into play. If the vehicle is to be delivered to the door, that extra service is an additional cost compared to making a depot delivery. You may, however, need to consider the cost of a taxi or uber fare to and from the depot. 


How Long Does It Take to Transport a Car from Melbourne to Sydney?

The time taken to deliver your vehicle from Melbourne to Sydney is anywhere from 3 to 7 days. Similar to the cost of transporting your car, the delivery duration is dependent on several factors. 


Among them is the kind of service you choose. A guaranteed delivery service means that you want your vehicle delivered as soon as possible. Of course, such an expedited service points to paying more costs. Additionally, an enclosed transportation option requires a higher price point than transport via an open carrier truck.  The other thing to consider is distance. The farther it is, the costlier it becomes. 


Need A Vehicle Transport Company?

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