The Best Way to Transport a Car From Brisbane to Perth

When purchasing a car in Australia, you want the best local or interstate transport services to deliver the vehicle without a hitch. While you can opt to do it yourself, when all the benefits are weighed up against the costs, hiring a car transport company is undoubtedly the best way to transport a car from Brisbane to Perth.

PrixCar offers reliable means to transport a car from Brisbane to Perth. Our premiere vehicle transport services with add-ons ensure you get your car safe and on time for your convenience.

Keep reading to learn more about the benefits of  transporting a car from Brisbane to Perth with us.


Doing it Yourself vs Going with a Car Transport Company

Your method of transporting your car from Brisbane to Perth should be convenient, reliable and safe. To make the best choice, it’s important to be informed on the services available to you and weigh your options carefully, taking into account the pros and cons of each.


Doing it Yourself

Transporting a car from Brisbane to Perth yourself is a massive task to take on. Considering the 4,500km distance between the states, fatigue, and wear and tear risks, driving your car from Brisbane to Perth is an expensive option. Unless you are an experienced long-distance driver willing to pay extra cost for car damages, take the time to carefully weigh up your options before you consider doing it yourself.


Going with a Car Transport Company

A car transport company with trucks and trailers, drivers, facilities, and IT systems like PrixCar is your ideal automobile logistics partner. With PrixCar on board, you transfer the tussle of driving over long distances to professionals with vast experience at an affordable price. Whether you choose a depot pickup or standard door delivery, be assured of receiving your car in its best shape, without a hitch, on time and with the added bonus of not clocking up more kms on your car.


How Much Does it Cost to Transport a Car from Perth to Brisbane?

Depot-depot car transport will cost you from $1,422.00 to transport a standard sedan from Perth to Brisbane. The cost differs with the size and shape of the vehicle--You pay less for smaller cars and more for larger SUVs, 4WD, vans, minibus, or vintage motors.

The cost also varies depending on the transport service you choose—services with add-ons such as Guaranteed Delivery Dates and Enclosed Transport Services charge higher rates. Add-ons service uses special equipment and gives the client's vehicle top priority during loading, transit, and delivery. 

A standard door delivery comes at an extra cost. However, the price is friendly compared to the hidden costs of picking up the car from a depot. Get a free instant quote from PrixCar and book your car to Brisbane.


How Long Does it Take to Transport a Car from Perth to Brisbane?

Transporting a car from Perth to Brisbane takes up to 10 business days. The car transport company you opt for determines how long it takes to deliver your vehicle.

PrixCar provides fast and easy car transport options and steps to ensure the timely delivery of your vehicle. 

You can transport your car following these simple steps:

  • Obtain a quote online–the application is instant and free
  • Book online–select your preferred transport option
  • Drop vehicle off or arrange for collection--PrixCar's extensive network provides you with options
  • Collect your vehicle or arrange for delivery--there are options to choose from


Transport Your Car from Brisbane to Perth with PrixCar

Hiring a car transport company is a convenient way to transport a car from Brisbane to Perth. This saves you time, cost, the tussle of long-distance driving, and the risk of damaging your vehicle. The ideal way to navigate through car logistics is to find a logistics company that executes its mandate to the satisfaction of its customers.

PrixCar Services is a trusted logistics company providing vehicle transport services to individuals and OEM customers across Australia. Our 30+ years of experience in local and interstate vehicle and fleet services and more than 25 depots across Australia make us your ideal choice. With our passionate team and first-class equipment, we offer you direct, reliable, and value-for-money vehicle service solutions. Contact us today for any inquiries about our services.