The Cheapest Way to Transport Your Car Interstate

Moving out of state is incredibly challenging, and most people always try to go for the cheapest option. If you are like most Australian households, you may have more than one car to move, making things even more daunting.


Moving a car out of state is not always about getting the least expensive auto transport company or option. Like most things in life, you have to pay for what you get, and hiring a reliable auto transport service is no different.


In most cases, everyone is willing to bet that they would feel a lot more comfortable if they knew their car was in the hands of a professional. So, what is the cheapest way to transport a vehicle? Here we look at different ways to transport your car interstate and factors that affect pricing. Let's dive in!


Your Options When Moving a Vehicle Interstate

The best way to move a car to a new city should be convenient and make the move as simple as possible. Here are the top options for you:


Drive it Yourself

Driving the car yourself is the most obvious option. Although it may seem cheap, safe, and convenient to most people, it is not. If you are moving across state borders that are not far from each other, it makes sense to drive the car on your own. But once you start going beyond short-distances, the cost of driving a car on your own will increase.


Hire a Driver

Another popular option is hiring a driver who may be a friend, family member, or professional driver. With this option, you must choose someone you can trust. Regardless of who you hire, you'll put extra kilometers on your vehicle and cover petrol, food, and accommodation costs.


Tow or Trailer Your Car

If you rent a moving truck, you can hitch your car or use a car trailer to move it. In addition, if you own a car and a truck, you'll kill two birds with one stone. Hitch the vehicle on the truck using a rented car trailer and drive to the destination. This option is only effective for experienced drivers who are comfortable towing.


Choose a Reliable Auto Transport Company

Hiring an auto transport company like PrixCar helps you avoid racking up kilometers and unnecessary wear and tear on your car. The companies have in-house tow trailers and partner with local vehicle dealers to transport cars interstate. This is arguably Australia's safest, most convenient, and surprisingly affordable transportation option. 


Factors Affecting Car Transportation Prices

The cost of professional car shipping depends on various factors. These include:


  • The type of vehicle: Transporting a bigger vehicle like an SUV, 4WD, van, or minibus will cost more than an average Suzuki or Toyota Corolla. Bigger vehicles weigh more, and the auto company will require more space.
  • The distance you are moving: Distance will play a significant role in determining the cost of moving your car. For example, transporting a vehicle from Sydney to Perth will be more costly than moving the same car from Brisbane to Sydney.
  • The departure and arrival destinations: Your location is another important factor in determining the cost of moving a car. The price can differ when moving your vehicle from a rural to an urban location and vice versa.

Most companies provide depot-to-depot services that can be much cheaper than door-to-door services. You will still have to organize your own transport from the depot to your destination, which may not be close. Due to these hidden fees, it may be essential to opt for door-to-door deliveries.


The Cheapest Way to Go About Moving a Car Interstate in Australia

Are you looking for the cheapest way to transport a car interstate? PrixCar Services is Australia's premier auto transport company and has serviced clients for over three decades. We have an impressive track record of moving cars interstate and delivering superior results on every service. If you need any vehicle transportation, talk to one of our representatives to receive a free quote.