The Ultimate Guide to Buying a Vehicle Out-Of-State

With the ongoing stock shortage worldwide, buying a car locally continues to be difficult. Some dealer car lots across Australia may not have the exact type of vehicle a consumer is looking to buy, and this has prompted a new trend by car owners as they look out of state to find their next vehicle.

With the help of the internet, you can easily find a new or used car out of state. However, before you buy your vehicle in another state, it’s important to  ensure you understand everything involved in the process. With proper planning, you can make the process a breeze and get your new vehicle quickly. One major consideration is interstate car transport.


The Benefits of Buying a Car Out of State

For most car enthusiasts, buying a car out of state gives you more shopping power. Your options largely depend on looking for a new or used car. People consider buying cars out of state to get the best deals when seeking rare makes, vintage cars, and models that may not be present in their locality.

Every state has different standards for the manufacture of cars. Thus, the vehicles' value and cost vary from one location to another. It would be best to weigh all these factors against the challenges you may experience when purchasing an out-of-state vehicle.

In a nutshell, consider getting your vehicle out of state when:

  • It is cheap.
  • You are looking to shop from a variety of options.


What to Consider?

It's best to prepare yourself for the complexities involved in purchasing out-of-state vehicles. You'll avoid the hassle and any additional costs you may have to incur. In most cases, you will pay sales tax to the state where you register the vehicles, not the state where you bought them. The most important considerations to make include:

  • Inspecting the vehicle: This is extremely important when purchasing a used car. A pre-purchase inspection helps determine if the car passes your state's inspection and emissions testing. The inspection will also reveal whether the vehicle has any issues. Remember, problems could preclude the car you want to buy from passing your state inspection.
  • Vehicle background checks: These checks reveal everything you ought to know, including the car's history. They also offer you access to hidden or missing information, such as whether it is clocked or stolen. Once you buy the car, all these things will become your responsibility.
  • Registration plates: If the car is already registered, the seller may not be able to transfer it to the Australian Vehicle Registration and Car Insurance. You'll have to provide a garage address in the same state. Therefore, you have to apply for an unregistered vehicle permit.
  • Insurance: If your policy extends to new vehicle purchases, notify the insurer of the new purchase to include it in your existing policy. If your cover lacks the extension, consider getting different insurance for it.


Moving a Car Interstate on Your Own

After completing the inspection and buying the car, the next step is transportation. Long-distance vehicle haulage in Australia is complex due to factors like:

  • Time Considerations: Australia is large, and it can take days to get to your vehicle and back to your destination.
  • Vehicle Mileage: Driving a car on your own can add unnecessary kilometers to your vehicle.
  • Safety: Driving long distances requires professional drivers who are used to the changing conditions of the road.


Moving a Car Interstate with a Car Transport Company

Hiring a car transport company is the most convenient option for your car's transportation. Some of the benefits of working with car transport companies like PrixCar include reliability, speed, convenience, and guarantees.

The cost of shipping a car interstate also varies from company to company. The main factor determining the service cost is the distance of travel.

At PrixCar, we make this process a breeze and offer our out-of-state car transportation service at competitive rates. Our car network delivers Australia-wide, with 29 locations, to give you more flexibility and options. Contact us today to learn more.