5 Questions to Ask a Car Transport Company

Having your vehicle transported is an act of trust in your service provider. For most, your vehicle represents a significant investment and portion of your personal wealth. You need your car to get around, make new plans, and successfully finish your move.

There are some common mistakes that people make when selecting a  company for their car transport needs that you can avoid if you know more about the process. Asking the right questions before hiring a car transport company is the best way to get the most value for your budget and ensure that your car is transported safely by an experienced, reputable and quality assured service provider.

Here are five important questions to ask before having your car transported.


1. How Do You Ensure Vehicle Safety?

Every car transport company has a standard operating procedure that team members won't mind explaining to you. A curious customer is a good customer when it comes to services. How do they keep the vehicles transported safe while on the road? What are their loading and unloading procedures? 

  • "What procedures do you use to protect vehicles or equipment being transported?
  • "Do you have enclosed vehicle transport to keep my vehicle absolutely safe?
  • "Are you certified to the Australian quality service standards?"


2. Do You Provide Transport Insurance?

Every transport service from moving trucks to vehicle transport should provide protection for the contents of the trailer. However, this isn't a guarantee. Always ask what protection is available for your car while transporting or if you should do something to ensure you have  transport protection coverage you are comfortable with.  

Remember to ask what type of vehicle protection is included, and exactly what is covered. The best transparency occurs when the policy, cost, and coverage are clearly printed on the transport company's website.


3. What Costs Should I Expect?

Know your costs. Never sign a transport agreement without knowing exactly what you are paying for. Ask your transport company how much the baseline transfer is and any mark-ups or fees that might occur along the way. Ask for a breakdown of the transport quote to see how vehicle size, distance driven, fuel consumption, and total travel time play a role in your estimate and invoice. 

Learn how invoices are typically put together and ask for an average baseline of how much a car transport service typically costs. When you are shown an estimate or quote, be sure to ask about any extra charge or detail that you don't understand. This will give the insight you need to find the right team and provider.


4. What Other Services do you offer?

Don't forget to ask what your car transport service can do for you beyond transporting your vehicle. Some offer certain advanced protection, storage or convenience needs in case your move does not go as planned. You may want premium enclosed transport, door-to-door service, guaranteed delivery times, or to move some personal items in the car as it is transported. These additional services can change your billing and even the protection  policy necessary to complete your transport - but the additional services might also be just what you need.


5. How Do You Prepare a Car for Transport?

Finally, ask your car transport service how they want your car prepared for the transport arrangement. Some vehicle transport providers need you to bring the vehicle to them. However, you may also be able to have your vehicle picked up right at your driveway - and dropped off precisely where you need it at the other end of transport.

Some vehicle transport services may need you to completely clean the interior and exterior of the car. Some may need your tow hook. Make sure you're ready the day before your car transport is scheduled to begin.


What Should I Look for When Shipping a Car?

When shipping a car, you should look for a car carrier that is upfront about costs, accredited and trusted, and doing its best to ensure vehicle safety. While you may require additional services, knowing what you’re paying for and ensuring your car is safe throughout the process are the most important factors in car shipping.

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