Breaking-Down Vehicle Transport Quote Costs

One of the safest and most convenient ways to move your car long distance is to hire an auto vehicle transport company. When you need vehicle transport services, finding a company you can rely on to transport your car safely to your new home is crucial. Ideally, vehicle transport rates vary depending on several factors. This article discusses the transport quote rates and factors that determine the cost you will pay.


What is the cost of moving a car interstate in Australia?

Generally, moving your car interstate in Australia costs between 40 to 60 cents per kilometre. You can expect to pay approximately $714 to $1,299 to move a car from Sydney to Perth. Transporting a car from Brisbane to Melbourne costs $569 to $1,078. However, the above prices can change depending on several factors discussed below.


Factors that can affect vehicle transport quote

The following are some factors to keep in mind when calculating the cost of transporting a car interstate in Australia.


Distance and location

Distance directly affects the cost of shipping an automobile. The farther you need your car shipped, the higher the final price you will pay. Due to the current increase in fuel consumption, the prices charged will also be higher. Besides, when moving over a long distance, the driver needs to invest more time which translates to higher costs to the company and higher shipping rates for you.


Type of vehicle you are shipping

The vehicle size ultimately determines the quote you will get from your transporter. Expect to pay more if you are moving larger and heavier vehicles such as SUVs, vans, or campervans. Other related factors that will likely alter the price are the size of your tires and any modification you have made to the suspension. Ideally, the less space your car occupies, the more vehicles the transport company can carry.


Delivery option

Car shipping companies typically offer two types of delivery options: door-to-door delivery or pick-up from the depot. Generally, you will pay more for the option that offers more convenience. This means you should expect to pay more for the door-to-door delivery than picking up your car from the company's depot. Remember, the depot delivery option comes with storage fees, meaning you must pick up your car immediately after it arrives to avoid added costs.


Fuel prices

The price of petrol at the time of shipping ultimately impacts the shipping cost. In recent years pump prices have risen sharply due to global market events such as COVID-19 and the ongoing war in Ukraine. Rising shipping costs and inflation increase the cost of freight transportation, which affects the shipping rates. Australia's petrol price has soared in 2022, with the latest industry data revealing gasoline price remained unchanged at 1.82 AUD/Litre in September 2022. The rise in gasoline prices will likely push the shipping rates up.



The time of the year can also have a moderate effect on your final price. Moving your car during the peak season generally costs higher than during the off-peak season. During peak season, such as the summer months, carriers are in high demand, driving the cost of shipping up. If you want lower rates, consider moving your car in winter.


Speed of delivery

The speed you want your vehicle to arrive will also affect the rate and the final price. If you want your car to arrive immediately, expect to be charged higher rates for the special service. In most cases, the faster the service you require, the more you need to pay for that service.


PrixCar helps you move your vehicle with ease

When planning to transport your vehicle interstate, one of your biggest concerns is the price you will pay. Although most car transport companies offer similar services, their rates can vary. It is a good idea to find out the much you need to budget before hiring a mover.


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