How to Transport Vintage and Exotic Cars Interstate

When purchasing a vintage or exotic car in Australia, you may find yourself desiring a vehicle that is a fair distance away from where you reside, sometimes in a different city or sometimes in an entirely different state. While this can be a deterrent at times, PrixCar can offer the best way to transport a luxury vehicle across Australia, with our enclosed car carrying service. Utilising our service, we are capable of shipping a wide range of prestige vehicles across long distances, getting them from the seller to your door without a hitch. 


The Difference Between Transporting Exotic and Vintage Cars vs Regular Vehicles

While care and expertise are required in transporting all types of vehicles, just like with luxury car transportation, a car carrying service for a vintage or exotic model does require a unique set of skills, equipment and management to guarantee a smooth service. Not only do the size and shapes of the car need to be taken into account, but frequently, working with these types of vehicles requires specialist care due to the delicate nature of some of them. 


With PrixCar, all vehicles that were manufactured before 1985 need to travel using our enclosed service - which means for most classic cars, the enclosed method of transportation is required. With enclosed transport, we utilise full-covered trucks for transportation and hydraulic liftgates for safe loading and unloading - keeping your vehicle completely horizontal for the entirety of its journey.


Transporting a Vintage Car with Premier Enclosed Transport

Enclosed car transport is a specialised service designed to carry vintage and luxury vehicles, giving them the necessary protection from the elements that other movers may not offer entirely. Our premier enclosed transport keeps cars in top shape throughout the journey and ensures there’s no risk of damage to the vehicle in any manner. When you are investing in your dream car, whether it be a vintage, exotic or luxury model, the added safety measures of an enclosed service gives you complete peace of mind for the duration of the delivery of the vehicle. 


Preparing a Vintage Car For Transport

Before your vehicle is ready to be shipped, a few steps should be taken to ensure a smooth process. When you are transporting an investment such as a classic car, it’s imperative to take the proper precautions to prevent any possibility of damage and to protect you in the worst-case scenario. These steps include:


  • Clean and take note of the overall condition of your vehicle, and any bumps or scratches. In the unlikely event of damage, this will ensure you know whether or not an incident has occurred in transit or elsewhere. PrixCar will also conduct our own Vehicle Condition Report both before and after the transportation of your vehicle.


  • Purchase the right insurance policy for your vehicle. Take care to ensure that your coverage is correct for the type of car you have and, that it takes into account the correct locations and scenarios potentially covered in the transportation.


  • Remove all personal belongings from inside the vehicle - this is particularly crucial with potentially dangerous items such as fuel or other flammable products.