How to Transport a Car Interstate


When you transport cars from one state to another, it’s a good idea to consider the experience and reliability of vehicle transportation company before selecting your preferred provider.

There are many reasons why a car transport company can often times be the best choice for you to pick.

A number of companies are providing free quotes to clients who are interested in hiring their services. These free quotes provide lots of useful help; including vehicle transport guides and details of pickup and dropoff locations.

Usually, the price depends on the distance, delivery time, and urgent nature of the delivery.

From a transport company’s perspective, knowing exactly how you wish to move your car – either locally or interstate – will make it easier to provide you with a quote.

Once you’re happy, you’ll need to prepare the vehicle which is going to be carried across the country.

When you drop your car off, you’ll be guided through a vehicle survey. Together with you, we record the condition of your car before we load it onto the carrier.

When you pick up your vehicle, another vehicle survey will be conducted to ensure your car’s condition is the same as when as when you left it with us.

When you’re deciding on the type of booking, you might like to consider two important types of car carrying services that are usually provided by established vehicle transport companies:

Open Car Carriers

Open car carriers are the most common type of vehicle transportation equipment that most car transporters will offer. With open car carriers, the company will be able to move a larger number of vehicles at any time thus associated costs can be spread amongst more vehicles, passing the savings on to you, the customer.

There are risks associated with this form of vehicle transport since cars are exposed to the elements, such as in extreme weather conditions.

Enclosed Car Carriers

Enclosed car carriers ensure vehicles are completely secured from all external elements although fewer cars can be transported each time thus this option typically costs more (than Open Car Carriers).

At PrixCar Transport we provide both types of carriers.

When requesting a quote, you have the ability to specify whether you would prefer Open Carrier (default) or Enclosed.

If you would like to know more or if you have any questions, contact us or obtain a car transport quote online.