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Making the Right Move: Choosing Transportation for Your Car Dealership

Whether you’re a small car dealership or a large one, there are certain elements you should look out for when determining how to transport your vehicles across the country. The volume of transportation companies in Australia is vast and varied, and you need to be selective about who you choose to manhandle your precious cargo.

PrixCar provides a range of tailored services for car dealers. Our vehicle transportation processes tick the following boxes, enabling you to rest assured that your products are given the priority treatment they deserve.

  1. Fastest possible timeframes. Naturally, you require your vehicles to be delivered to you as soon as possible in order to continue streamlined workflow. Our global vehicle tracking and tracing tool let you monitor the progress of your car’s journey, giving you peace of mind. Our goal is to inflict as little disruption to your business as possible.
  2. Clear, reliable and extensive outbound routes. In order to achieve those ultra-fast timeframes stated above, PrixCar has mapped out the most direct and effective outbound routes across the country. We are committed to a smooth, streamlined and hurdle-free transport process.
  3. Direct transportation to dealership location. As important as the transportation journey is, car dealers also need to consider where their products will end up. Obviously, the most ideal option is to have your vehicles transported directly to your dealership – this saves you precious time and unnecessary hassle.
  4. Pre-delivery inspection guarantees. To uphold your dealership’s reputation, you need to ensure your vehicles are advertised to the public in mint condition. As such, PrixCar offers pre-delivery inspections, thereby ensuring your goods are departed in an immaculate state.
  5. Pre-delivery detailing services. Following on from the previous point, if your car presents any flaws upon final inspection, you’ll want a transport company that can tend to these quickly and efficiently. The PrixCar team ensures your vehicles are delivered to you in the pristine condition they should be, ready to be marketed to your consumers.
  6. Adherence to custom guidelines for imported vehicles. Many car dealerships in Australia import their vehicles from international sources such as Japan, Germany and Korea. At PrixCar, we take careful measures to transport cars according to strict customs policies.

Most important, when it comes to transportation for your car dealership, be careful not to base your decision upon price alone. The cheapest options are often a red flag for an unreliable service that may end up costing you significantly later down the track.

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