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The Importance of Shipping Your Vehicle from Adelaide

Adelaide, like Perth, is one of Australia’s isolated cities. The next closest city to Adelaide is Melbourne, a massive 728 kilometres away. If you are a business owner or car dealer who needs to transport a car or whole fleet of vehicles interstate, it is a good option to choose a professional service to ensure your vehicle shipment arrives at its destination safely and on time. There are a host of factors that need to be taken into account when transporting your vehicle out of Adelaide, and Prixcar take all of these factors into account, providing a vehicle transport service that is safe, effective, and meets budget requirements.

Read on to find out why our vehicle transportation service is a good option for the safe shipment of your vehicle or fleet. 

It’s great for costs 

When transporting your vehicle shipment out of Adelaide you need a team of professionals to figure out the most cost-efficient route for the delivery. Otherwise, you may find the shipment takes a route that ends up costing the dealer much more due to the cost of fuel and time taken to deliver the shipment. Prixcar works out the most cost-effective route for transporting your vehicle, so that you don’t spend hundreds extra in fuel costs.

It’s great for timing 

The team of professional vehicle transporters at Prixcar know how to a vehicle or shipment of vehicles to their destination on time. We are professionals for a reason, and work very hard to meet time requirements intended for the shipment. We figure out the most effective route (as mentioned above) which ensures that we get the vehicle to its final destination right on time.

It’s safe for the vehicle 

When you choose the professionals at Prixcar, we will ensure that your car/s will arrive at its intended destination clean and without a scratch. We can’t bear the thought of damaging a vehicle, and work to ensure it remains safe during shipment. A testament to this is our premium enclosed vehicle delivery service.

Contact our team of experts 

If these sound like understandable reasons as to why you would want to enlist the services of professional vehicle transporters, then feel free to get in touch with Prixcar today. We provide the ultimate vehicle delivery service, call us on 1300 668 105 or fill out an enquiry form on our contact page and we will get back to you with all the information you require.

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