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The Importance of Shipping Your Vehicle from Sydney

Despite the close proximity of Sydney to most of Australia’s other major cities, if you need to transport a vehicle or fleet of vehicles out of the Harbour City then it is important to enlist the services of a team of professionals who know the industry back to front. The team at Prixcar are perfect for this. We work hard to ensure that vehicles being transported out of Sydney arrive at their final destination safely and within time and budget requirements. There are a range of important factors as to why you should choose Prixcar to deliver your vehicle shipment out of Sydney.

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It’s cost-efficient 

When you select Prixcar to transport your vehicle shipment out of Sydney, you can rest assured that we figure out the most cost-effective route for the delivery. Not enlisting the services of professional vehicle transporters will result in a costly delivery. This is due to the costs of fuel that incur after selecting an implausible route to transport the shipment. We figure out a route that will save you a fortune in delivery costs.

It’s time efficient 

Prixcar ensures that the vehicles it delivers out of the City of Sydney reach their final destination within the time allotted by the company shipping the vehicle/s. Being transport professionals, we work hard to ensure that we can get your vehicle to where it needs to be on time, or even before it. This is the Prixcar difference: we know the roads well, and know how to figure out a transport solution that ensures timely delivery.

It provides safety for the vehicle 

We have often heard about car dealers having their vehicles transported, only to find that at the other end of the road the vehicle has incurred costly damages. With Prixcar, you won’t have to worry about your vehicle or fleet of vehicles being damaged throughout delivery. We can’t bear the thought of damaging your vehicles, and work hard to ensure that we deliver them safely.

Get in contact with the experts 

If you require the services of professional vehicle transporters to ensure that your shipment arrives at its destination safely, on time, and within budget, then look no further than Prixcar. Feel free to give us a call on 1300 668 105 or fill out an enquiry form on our contact page and we will get back to you with all the information you require.

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