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Why Don’t PrixCar Offer a “Goods in the Car” Service?

With other companies offering a seemingly useful option for inclusion of goods within the car during transport, PrixCar are taking a strong stance against it and here’s why.

Transport Regulations

Under specific guidelines laid out by State and Federal bodies, each car must be planned and loaded with particular attention to the weight and dimensions of the vehicle. This is for the safety of the drivers and for the wellbeing of other vehicles on the trailer. When you load your car with personal items, it alters the weight of the car significantly, throwing out the calculations of our logistics team. This puts both the driver and the other cars at risk. When choosing your transport provider, be wary of services who offer this as, even if you don’t make use of the service, someone else might, putting your car at risk of damage.


Loose cargo can be deadly to drivers on roads across Australia, particularly when travelling at high speeds. For Occupational Health & Safety reasons, PrixCar don’t allow clients to ship their personal belongings in their car in case of dislodgement, which can result in damages and injury to drivers and passengers alike.

As a national service, PrixCar Transport take it upon themselves to maintain the safety of cars on the roads on which they operate, taking responsibility for any risk, damage or injury we pose to fellow drivers. As such, we do not allow our clients to leave any goods in their car during transport.

Quarantine Requirements

It is impossible to monitor what our clients pack into their cars. When entering some states, our trailers are subject to quarantine inspections. If goods that don’t comply with the state’s quarantine standards are found within a vehicle, it can cause lengthy delays costing time and, ultimately, money not only to the owner of the car whose goods are in question but also to the other customers shipping on the same trailer.

Damage, Loss & Theft

Damage may be caused to the interior of the car by shifting items within the vehicle. Items may be lost in transit if the car doors need to be opened for any reason throughout the journey. Theft of the car is covered by the service provider but there is no guarantee of remuneration for the theft of personal items within the car. Therefore, the transport supplier is not responsible for any damage, loss or theft.

Warranty & Guarantees

Personal items also cannot be left in the vehicle due to warranty reasons. These personal items do not fall under the warranty or guarantee offered by a transport provider. Any loss, damage or theft of items not directly related to the car are not covered by the service.

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