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Getting your classic vehicle in tip-top condition for a car showing is a vital and detailed process that shouldn’t be taken lightly. This is your chance to showcase your pride and joy, and as such, you should give it the treatment it deserves in the lead-up to the event.

By following this simple checklist, you can ensure your vehicle is ready to dazzle.

  1. Invest in a detailed cleaning. This is pretty much a given, but it’s important to remember that car shows are all about proper presentation. As such, a thorough clean is imperative. Rather than visiting your local car wash, dedicate a solid afternoon to cleaning your vehicle yourself with the following tips in mind:
    • Start off with the rims and engine compartment. This will prevent chemicals or residue from forming, spreading and settling on the body of the vehicle.
    • Don’t resort to kitchen dish washing soap and a dirty old sponge – do your research and invest in a complete car care cleaning kit. This will have all the high-grade products and tools you need to ensure a detailed clean that won’t inflict any damage to your vehicle.
    • Pay attention to your interiors as well. Exteriors are important of course, but make sure you give your car’s upholstery a good and thorough vacuum or wipe-down (depending on the kind of material you’re dealing with).
    • Finish it all off with a good-and-proper layered wax. We suggest one layer of paint sealant, one layer of carnauba, and one layer of high-grade natural wax. This final touch will add clarity, depth and lustre to those beautiful curves, ensuring your vehicle glimmers, shimmers and shines.
  2. Check your tyres. A perfectly polished presentation can be ruined in a heartbeat if you have scuffed tyres with poor tread. You may want to consider buying a separate set of tyres to reserve purely for car shows. Be sure to give them a scrub before each event using commercial cleaner in a spray bottle and a stiff brush or scouring pad.
  3. Get that glass sparkling. Cleaning windows, whether for your car or your home, is always a tedious chore to tackle. Dreaded streaks are a common problem, and it’s important to take the necessary steps to help banish them. Start off by spraying both the inside and the outside of your glass with a typical window cleaning product, such as Windex. Polish them dry with a cloth. Now that you have removed all the dirt, it’s time to get de-streaking. Simply go over your windows again using a clean synthetic chamois cloth dampened with a little water. Finish off the job by polishing them dry once more, this time using a terry cloth. You’ll be amazed at the streak-free shine you’ll achieve!
  4. Consider accessory fitments and additional detailing. For that extra pinch of pizazz, you have the option of complementing your vehicle with custom accessories and detailing to really help your classic car outshine the competition.
  5. Organise shipping. Once your car is in pristine condition, the last thing you want to do is risk damaging or dirtying it before it even arrives at its destination. Forego driving your vehicle to the event, and instead choose to have it shipped there – this is especially handy if the show is out of town or hours away. A reliable transport company like PrixCar Transport can help your car arrive safe and sound without you worrying about it hitting a pothole or cruising through a puddle on the way there.
  6. Bring along touch-up tools. So, the big day has arrived. This doesn’t mean your preparation is all over just yet – make sure you equip yourself with the necessary tools to carry out any minor touch-ups on-site. Many car shows are held outside, and unfortunately you can’t keep your car immune from nature’s elements such as bird droppings or gusts of wind dislodging dirt. Carry a detail spray and a box of cotton tips with you to remove any marks and smudges that occur on the day.

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